hello lovely! I am a positive little anon. if you're feeling down today look for the little happy things that can brighten your mood. if skies are gray search for your rainbow. know that you are beautiful and I'll love you even if you feel no one else does. everyday is one step closer to happiness :) take care! I wish you the best :)

The world needs more people like you around. I need more people like you around. It’s wonderful. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you a thousand times because well, one does need nice words once in a while, even when we are not aware of it. (I surely wasn’t aware of it.) 

I will search for rainbows and pretty flowers and all those cute things.

Thank you, anon. Take care yourself. ♥ 

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shout out to the kids and adults who have memory problems, who get yelled and screamed at by their families for not remembering things

or over-remembering. remembering things no one else seems to remember but still having blankets of empty in their memory and wondering why they can’t remember chunks of things or why their timelines are all off

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MY PHONE RANG AND I GOT SCARED. I WAS LIKE “WHO IS TALKING?” And then heard the “why you gotta be so rude” and phew no murderer is singing in my house. 

I want company. I want someone to come to my house, watch a movie with me and then talk shit while we munch on things. 

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Aw man I got remembered of my days of talking with Curt Mega. And him answering tweets I thought he wasn’t going to see and stilesthedarkknight telling me that he loved me. 

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You want to put James Franco in it. This movie sucks. Each and every argument you have is invalid.

There’s only so many people that I can charm my way for them to work in this movie. James Franco is one of them, so I’ll take what I can. 

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Guys, I’m gonna make a movie. 

I’m gonna throw up on your movie.

It’s gonna be an awesome movie, bro. 

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